Accelerated GED launches today in Kentucky

Qualifying students looking to earn a GED have a new accelerated learning option, thanks to a program that launched today by Kentucky Adult Education. GED Express is available in all 120 Kentucky counties.

"The GED Express option was created with the understanding that our students need an educational model that allows them to quickly obtain a GED diploma then proceed to a college or a career,” says Reecie Stagnolia, vice president for Adult Education, Council on Postsecondary Education.

Counties that have launched GED Express early are already seeing promising results.

“With the GED Express option, we are finding more students are getting on board with moving forward with their GED,” says Dr. Paula Jones, adult education program director for Madison, Garrard and Clay counties.

“In these early stages, we are seeing progress, growth and successful completion. The new GED Express option has been a ‘win-win’ for our students and for our program," she added.

GED Express helps qualified individuals progress more quickly toward earning a GED diploma by offering targeted instruction to address the student’s specific skill gaps through a combination of independent and direct instruction in academic content areas, technology and test-taking skills.

Kentucky adult education centers provide free academic instruction, credentialing and college- and career-readiness preparation, e.g., GED test credential, National Career Readiness Credential (NCRC) and English as a second language classes. To find the center in your county, call Kentucky Adult Education at 1-800-928-7323 or visit


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