Jail report for Laurel County, KY - Saturday, May 02, 2015

Laurel County, Ky. -  The Laurel County Detention Center  is reporting these bookings for Saturday May 02, 2015.

Unless ClayCoNews overlooked a booking and of course taking into consideration that there may have been subjects jailed and released in between our monitoring sessions before this report was completed, the following information is to the best of our knowledge correct according to jail records.

1. ANGELA KING age 49 of Manchester, KY

2. VINCENT KING age 47 of Manchester, KY

3. WILLIAM MCFADDEN age 45 of London, KY

4. ROBERT MCHARGUE age 24 of London, KY

5. KEELAH NEUMANN age 24 of Corbin, KY

6. DANIEL ROARK age 33 of London, KY

7. MICHAEL VANN age 36 of London, KY

8. CARLOS ABNER age 29 of London, KY

9. CLIFTON ADAMS age 33 of Paint Lick, KY

10. DONALD BREEDEN age 67 of Greenback, TN

11. JOHN CANNON age 53 of Cincinnati, OH

12. MICHAEL CRAWFORD age 37 of Corbin, KY

13. ANN HACKER age 52 of London, KY

14. CRYSTAL HATFIELD age 36 of Hidrick, KY


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