Well known by many & unheard of by others - Clay County resident Leroy Botkins has passed away

Clay County, Ky. - There's not a lot of information available at this time relating to Leroy's death other than Facebook posts on Clay County Jailer Linda Smallwood's Facebook page which we consider %100 accurate and from other sources ClayCoNews has never used before (and will not vouch for their validity).

At this point no obituary information has been released to us.

We have learned from sources that don't wish to be made public that Leroy, age presumed to be in late sixty's, allegedly was found unresponsive at his Roots Branch residence in Clay County, KY on Thursday, July 11, 2015 (we're not sure if this date is correct) and a 911 call was allegedly made.

The following is from Clay County Jailer Linda Smallwood's Facebook  page:

July 15 at 9:11 P.M. -  Prayers for Leroy Botkins, I here he is critically ill. He is family and a good friend.

This follow up from Jailer Smallwood on July 16 at 8:53 A.M. -  Leroy Botkins passed away this morning. Please pray for his family he will be missed.

Friends we've spoken to remember Leroy most for his instant smile, handshake and kindness - They say that "no matter what the weather, Leroy would take his shirt, coat etc. off his back & friend or stranger, it was your's" and that one of his favorite songs was "I'm Bad, Nationwide" by ZZ Top.

Photos courtesy of Ron Curry - Leroy is center in inset photo / taken at Boozie Creek TN..


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