EKU Announces Hybrid-Online EMT Course

The EKU Approach

The EKU approach to online/hybrid EMT training is pretty simple.  We want to provide you with the education you need to be successful while simultaneously making it as convenient as possible

The usual EMT course entails a set list of class meetings over a four to five month period. Instead, we have uploaded all of our lectures to a web based format, so that you can view them as often as you need at a time that works the best for you!  As a result of this shift, it eliminates the need to drive to our campus for classes that are normally four hours long twice a week.  This frees you up to read, study and learn on your own schedule when it is most convenient for you.

The hybrid EMT course is made up of three separate parts: classroom lectures, hands on with skills, and ambulance ride time.


The lecture portion of our program is delivered via the web.  This program is made up of reading assignments, online lectures by EKU professors, homework assignment as well as some examinations.  You must keep a minimum GPA of 80% in addition to completing all homework assignments.  At the end you will be approved to take your National EMT certifying examination.

The best online students are those who are driven problem solvers.  This just happens to be one of the most important characteristics of an EMT as well  Your instructor, Bill Young is an expert in the field of EMS as well as in the delivery of online courses.   He will act as a guide and mentor throughout the program.  You will receive the same class and content that our face to face student receive.

Hands On

All students are required to attend mandatory hands-on, skill practice sessions.   These are two hours in length and meet once each week at various times during the day.    You will will have an opportunity to train on the most advanced human patient simulators that are available.

Ambulance Ride Time

Each student is required to make 10 patient contacts during field internship and complete a minimum of 24 hours of time on an ambulance.  Many students find this the most exciting aspect of their class.

Scheduling your ride time is done in conjunction with the instructor. This is based on your time available as well as the EMS Agency accessibility.

Interested?  Visit to begin your registration process today as spaces are limited.  For more information contact Bill Young, Program Director at.


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