Statement from Representative Kevin Bratcher Regarding His Call for Executive Order in Wake of Shootings in Tennessee

Representative Kevin Bratcher

FRANKFORT, Ky.  – “Earlier today (Monday, July 20, 2015) I sent a letter to Governor Steve Beshear urging him to sign an executive order increasing security for our National Guard members at their facilities and recruitment stations.  Since that time the Kentucky National Guard has stated their members are already covered under existing laws dealing with conceal carry in Kentucky.

What I am asking for, either by executive order or legislation in the 2016 session, is beyond what the Kentucky National Guard allows under current statue, in that it would allow all National Guard members, not just those who have conceal carry permits, the ability to be armed now instead of having to wait weeks or months to obtain a permit.

I am also in the process of exploring the ability for our National Guard members to be able to carry in other public buildings like schools, and also in private strip malls where many military recruitment centers are located.  The bottom line is we want to make sure all National Guard members can defend themselves everywhere, not just if they have a conceal carry permit or just happen to be in a state owned facility.  We as Kentuckians owe them that, and I’m pleased to have the support of my fellow legislators and citizens in calling for immediate action by Governor Beshear.”


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