Jail report for Wednesday, July 29, 2015 - Clay County, KY


Clay County, Ky. - The Clay County Detention Center is reporting 29 bookings for Wednesday, July 29, 2015.


Unless ClayCoNews overlooked a booking and of course taking into consideration that there may have been subjects jailed and released before our monitoring session, the following information is to the best of our knowledge correct according to jail records.

1. HOLLY LYNN AKERS age 22 of Dewitt, KY
2. BRENDA ALLSUP age 34 of Barbourville, KY
3. DAVID BARGO age 46 of Flatlick, KY
4. EARLINDA LEE BLAKEY age 48 of Mt. Vernon, KY
5. JACKIE BOLES age 38 of Barbourville, KY
6. JERRY BROWN age 37 of Barbourville, KY
7. CALVIN C. BUTTERY age 44 of Knox, KY
8. AMY CAIN age 25 of Tropser, KY
9. BETSY L. CECIL age 39 of Barbourville, KY
10. DANIEL EDWARDS age 33 of Bimble, KY
11. JAMES GIBSON age 25 of McKee, KY
12. RANDY GRAY age 37 of Barbourville, KY
13. TRAVIS HALL age 29 of London, KY
14. BILLY HIBBARD age 24 of Barbourville, KY
15. NICHOLAS JONES age 26 of Fourmile, KY
16. NORA NICOLE LANGLEY age 23 of Barbourville, KY
17. SHANNON MCQUEEN age 33 of Tyner, KY
18. SABRINA MESSER age 33 of Artemus, KY
19. GARY L. MILLS age 43 of Scalf, KY
20. HAROLD RAY MILLS age 23 of Scalf, KY
21. TYRONE PERSON age 23 of Corbin, KY
22. JAMES PRIVETT age 49 of Siler, KY
23. RANDY RICE age 38 of Barbourville, KY
24. RETHA ROSS age 28 of Hinkle, KY
25. OTIS SIZEMORE age 51 of Flatlick, KY
26. PATRICK SMITH age 22 of Rockholds, KY
27. GARY SPRINKLES age 26 of Scalf, KY
28. RICKY ALLEN WILBURN age 50 of Corbin, KY
29. JAMES MADISON WYATT age 36 of Trosper, KY

Photos courtesy of the Clay County Detention Center

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