Jail report for Monday, August 03, 2015 - Clay County, KY


 Twenty two bookings reported for Monday, August 03, 2015


Unless ClayCoNews overlooked a booking and of course taking into consideration that there may have been subjects jailed and released before our monitoring session, the following information is to the best of our knowledge correct according to jail records.

1. TRINA BARRETT age 39 of Manchester, KY
2. AUTO ULYSSES BECKER ag3 23 of Lexington KY
3. SCOTTY CHATTELLE age 44 of Mt. Vernon, KY
4. MICHAEL CHEEKS age 33 of Richmond, KY
5. JASON COTTONGIM age 36 of Manchester, KY
6. JASON ISAAC COTTONGIM age 35 of Berea, KY
7. TIFFANY DAY age 21 of London, KY
8. BRIDGETT LYNN DOWNEY age 27 of Manchester, KY
9. CLAYTON GENE HAMPTON age 43 of Berea, KY
10. DERRICK J. HAYNES age 38 of Estero, FL
11. GLENN HENSON age 47 of Manchester, KY
12. CHRISTOPHER HUBBARD age 26 of Manchester, KY
13. ALFRED JEWELL age 51 of Hima, KY
14. JIMMY WAYNE MARCUM age 25 of Richmond, KY
15. TROY ANTHONY MCANINCH age 25 of Kingsmountain, KY
16. JERRY ROSS age 36 of Manchester, KY
17. PAUL SHEARER age 54 of Richmond, KY
18. ANGELA SMITH age 29 of Manchester, KY
19. DEWEY SMITH age 24 of Manchester, KY
20. DAVID ANTHONY SPOONAMORE age 34 of Brodhead, KY
21. JOHN STAPLETON age 27 of Manchester, KY
22. LONZO WAGERS age 44 of Manchester, KY

Photos courtesy of the Clay County Detention Center

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