Sheriff Department partners with local business for fitness training in Laurel County, KY

Laurel County, KY - In keeping with a reputation of providing better service to the citizens of Laurel County, the Laurel County Sheriff's Department Special Response Unit partnered with an area business on Friday Sept. 11 to provide the Deputies with an enhanced workout, and to expand their current fitness regiment.

Laurel Sheriff's office S.R.U. team participated with Cross Fit Ignis at Somerset in remembrance of 9/11 by climbing 2200 steps symbolic of first responders number of steps at the Twin Towers in New York on 9-11- 2001. Team members wore ballistic vests that added an average of 30 pounds to each deputy. It took team members working together at an average of about 44 minutes per deputy to achieve the 2200 steps.

Sheriff Root continues his commitment to provide the citizens of Laurel County with the best trained and most well prepared Deputies to handle any and all calls for service.

Sheriff Root would like to thank Cross Fit Ignis of Somerset for the use of their facility which was at no cost to the Sheriff's Department nor the taxpaying citizens of Laurel County.

Group picture -left to right: first 2 individuals are owners/operators of Cross Fit Ignis, Detective Jason Back, Detective James Sizemore, Deputy John Inman, Detective Kevin Berry, and Deputy Andrew Lawson.

Also pictured are the Laurel County Sheriff's Office deputies and detectives who are members of the sheriff's office SRU (Special Response Unit) participating the step climbing exercise symbolic of the Twin Towers 2200 steps.

Major Rodney Van Zant is the commander of Laurel Sheriff's Office Special Response Unit.


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