Jail report for Tuesday, September 22, 2015 - Clay County, KY

Thirteen bookings reported for Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Unless ClayCoNews overlooked a booking and of course taking into consideration that there may have been subjects jailed and released before our monitoring session(s), the following information is to the best of our knowledge correct according to jail records.

1. ANETTE CARR age 45 of Manchester, KY

2. CHEYENE GRAY age 41 of Manchester, KY

3. AMANDA BROOKS age 28 of Middlesboro, KY

4. ROBERTS BURNS age 59 of Manchester, KY

5. TIMOTHY CURRY age 37 of Greensburg, KY

6. CHERRY GRUBB age 53 of Manchester, KY

7. LENZO MILLS age 36 of Manchester, KY

8. HERBERT NELSON age 55 of Louisville, KY

9. JAMES RIDDELL age 25 of Eving, KY

10. DAVID ROBERTSON age 31 of Henderson, KY

11. MICHAEL SMITH age 45 of Central City, KY

12. EUGENE THOMAS age 62 of Louisville, KY

13. MICHELLE NAPIER age 42 of Manchester, KY

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