Complaint to check on the welfare 30 dogs in Laurel County

Laurel County, Ky. - Sheriff John Root is reporting that Deputy John Inman was dispatched to a complaint to check on the welfare 30 dogs that were reportedly at a lady's residence on Rydell Road, approximately 12 miles southwest of London on Friday morning September 25, 2015.

Deputy Inman arrived at the scene to conduct an investigation to determine whether the dogs were being well cared for. Deputy Inman notified Laurel County Animal Control to assist on the investigation.

Investigators did not find any indication that the animals had been mistreated or not cared for properly. However the owner of the dogs advised investigators that she could only care for a small number of the dogs now and asked to keep five of her favorite dogs.

The remaining animals were released to Laurel County Animal Control and were removed from the scene.

No charges were filed against the owner of the dogs.


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