**UPDATE** Was Manchester Wal-Mart Robbed Saturday Night? - Surveillance Photos - Police Asking Public For Help

Manchester, KY - According to a Manchester Police Department Facebook post earlier today. On Saturday October 10, 2015 after 10:00 P.M. two individuals entered Wal-Mart of Manchester and gained access to a cash register and stole a large quantity of money that was inside of the register.

However after careful scrutiny of this surveillance photo from the scene it's quite apparent to a trained eye that this was indeed a violent robbery, take a look at his face.  If you notice, the aggressor has one arm behind his left shoulder, does he have a weapon? - We don't know...Is he threatening to the clerk?..That's apparent due to the fact he or she has their hand in the air allowing the subject free access to the register or else.

**UPDATE** According to a source that wishes to remain anonymous, ClayCoNews has learned that what the trained eye thought to be a clerk was not a clerk at all.  Instead, she was a female accomplice.  The two subjects located an unattended cash register in the electronics department of the store and managed to get the cash drawer open allowing them to retrieve the cash inside before leaving the store apparently unnoticed.

The two individuals shown left the store and got into the vehicle pictured, where another individual was reportedly waiting on them.

Manchester Police Department is asking, if anyone knows these individuals or their whereabouts please contact the
Manchester Police Departmen through facebook or by calling (606)-598-8411 ext.4


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