Meet the Clay County-Manchester Chamber of Commerce - New Website

CCN Publisher Brenda Kay

Manchester, KY - A new website that promotes Manchester-Clay County is being developed by ClayCoNews to introduce visitors to the history and culture of the community, but is more specifically aimed to provide information about the forward thinking Chamber of Commerce officials who are actively seeking economic development opportunities for the community.

Meet the official governing board here at, a site that's able to provide visitors with diverse information and should serve to increase a positive representation of the community and how it is working to collaborate with more businesses with the intent to attract additional industry and jobs to the area.

Ultimately, this new site has the goal of increasing web traffic that enhances the visibility of the Chamber officials and provide a venue by which potential business and industry can communicate with local leaders and enhance communication that can lead to job creation.

Even though the site is still under construction, ClayCoNews Publisher Brenda Kay has decided to let the public watch as it's being finished, especially since the event calendar is fully functional and can be very helpful for the community.

In the next few days, we'll be posting events that are announced in local printed publications and especially internet social sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc.. However, that will only be for a short time, so in order to make sure your event is listed, please read the following information.

To have your event listed: 

FREE in the calendar, simply send the event information along with a photo (1 only) if available to me: 


 If you're a Clay County-Manchester Chamber of Commerce official and would like your photo shown on the website (your name & title is already listed), you may send it to me: .

Also if anyone has a photo(s) that projects the beauty of Clay County/Manchester, feel free to submit it or them to me for possible use in the homepage slideshow, you will get credit for your photo if we use it!

Thank you!

Brenda Kay   606-658-6187

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The site is provided by ClayCoNews as a community service and is not associated, affiliated or connected to the Manchester-Clay County Kentucky Chamber of Commerce in any way other than our ClayCoNews membership.


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