Jail report for Monday, November 2, 2015 - Clay County, KY

Eighteen bookings reported for Monday, November 2, 2015

Unless ClayCoNews overlooked a booking and of course taking into consideration that there may have been subjects jailed and released before our monitoring session(s), the following information is to the best of our knowledge correct according to jail records.

1. CALVIN BISHOP age 38 of Manchester, KY
2. TRAVIS CARR age 24 of Manchester, KY
3. SHANE CLEM age 29 of Booneville, KY
4. MICHAEL COUCH age 40 of Manchester, KY
5. TRACIE GREENE age 33 of Pineville, KY
6. SHASTA HENSON age 26 of Garrard, KY
7. KACEE RILEY age 35 of Garrard, KY
8. LONNIE STURDIVANT age 31 of Trosper, KY
9. DANIEL BENTLEY age 30 of Jeremiah, KY
10. JOSEPH BOWLING age 32 of Manchester, KY
11. MARK COLLINS age 47 of Manchester, KY
12. RICKY COLLINS age 44 of Whitesburg, KY
13. JAMIE HENSON age 31 of Manchester, KY
14. MICHELLE NAPIER age 42 of Manchester, KY
15. RANDALL NAPIER age 31 Of Isom, KY
16. TYLER NEWSOME age 21 of Jenkins, KY
17. TERRI OSBORNE age 39 of Manchester, KY
18. NORMA SMITH age 39 of Manchester, KY

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