VA Office of Economic Opportunity - GI Bill Comparison Tool Update

Curtis L. Coy

By Curtis L. Coy

Colleagues and Fellow Veterans,

Last week (Veterans Day), we launched our most recent version of the GI Bill Comparison Tool.

 We encourage you to take a look and test drive it (

By enhancing this tool, we hope to further empower Veterans by arming them with the information they need to navigate the volume of choices.

In addition to a new look and feel, this newest update enhances several features and provides some new information.

Enhancements include a better search and print functionality, mobile/tablet compatibility, a new look to the benefits calculator, and a new school profile page.

Another upgrade is the use of Caution Flags – right now we include the schools identified by Department of Education under their Heightened Cash Monitoring program, schools that the Department of Defense has placed on probation, and schools on accreditation probation.  We are working on expanding cautionary information to report other issues that might help a Veteran evaluate a particular school.   To see this new feature in action, review the “Caution Flag” section on the tool.

A new feature is displaying some Veteran-specific Post-9/11 GI Bill outcome measures, with more coming in the future (student Veteran outcome measures).  Newly added measures include:

  • Retention Rate – measures full and part-time Post-9/11 GI Bill Student Veterans’ attendance at the same institution from the first to the second year.
  • Graduation Rate (2-year IHLs) – measures full and part-time Post-9/11 GI Bill Student Veterans’ graduation

As always, we make all the data behind the GI Bill Comparison Tool publically available in easy to digest dashboards. Just click on “Download Data on All Schools” at the bottom of the tool to learn more.

We want GI Bill Veterans and dependents to feel they have made the best possible decision in choosing the right school.

Last week we sent out a note concerning our video, Know Before You Go which is now on the Comparison Tool and an updated Choosing the Right School guide found on the GI Bill website.  We have come a long way….and we will continue to listen to you for additional features.


Curtis L. Coy

Deputy Under Secretary for Economic Opportunity

Veterans Benefits Administration

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

VA Core Values:  Integrity, Commitment, Advocacy, Respect, Excellence (“I CARE”)

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