“Sunny and Bright.” forecast for Laurel County Center for Innovation

Media Arts Technology Program at CFI Names First Staff Member

The future forecast for the Media Arts Technology (MAT) program at the Laurel County Center for Innovation is “Sunny and Bright.”

Dr. Doug Bennett is pleased to announce that Shane Smith, has been named to the CFI Media Arts Technology (MAT) program.

Mr. Smith is a SLHS graduate and attended Western Kentucky University where he completed a double major in geography with an emphasis in meteorology and broadcast journalism. He began his broadcast career in West Virginia at station WOAY-TV and since January 2013 has been Chief Meteorologist at WYMT-TV in Hazard, KY.

Mr. Smith brings excellent academic preparation and real-life experience to lead this program which will  Dr. James M. Davisprepare students for future employment and/or further study in a myriad of media-related careers.

CFI Principal Dr. James M. Davis commented, "We are pleased to have Mr. Smith join our CFI instructional team and to lead the implementation of our Media Arts Technology (MAT) program. Mr. Smith has excellent academic and career credentials and we are fortunate to have someone with his expertise to coordinate our program and deliver instructional services for students. The MAT program will provide education and training in cinematography and video production. Students will learn the fundamentals of media technology and advanced studio production in the operation of an on-campus television studio.”

As a Laurel County graduate, Mr. Smith says, “I am grateful to return to Laurel County to give back to a school system that gave me so much. I would have loved to have had a CFI when I was a high school student.

”Mr. Smith noted that the CFI goes beyond the typical high school offering students a fantastic opportunity in media that is normally only seen at the college level. He said, “I was awestruck when I saw this new facility and recognize it is an amazing opportunity to be a part of it.”

When asked if Mr. Smith considers his transition to teaching to be a career change, he replied, “It may seem so, but it really isn’t. It is still in the field of TV and it allows me to teach and help others in that field.” As far as goals for the program, Mr. Smith said, “We will begin with the fundamentals. The manner of delivering the message is a changing industry. We have gone from newspaper, to radio, TV, and mobile devices used today. But, telling a story doesn’t change, so we will begin with a solid foundation.”

Dr. Bennett notes that “We are glad to have someone with Mr. Smith’s unique skillset and related field experience with media software, hardware and production to be teaching our students. We are enthusiastic about the additional educational opportunities that this groundbreaking program will provide for our students.”

Mr. Smith will begin his duties at the CFI on March 1, 2016. Enrollment for all programs for the 2015-2016 school year at the CFI has begun for students at NLHS and SLHS. For complete details of the programs and to print an application go to and search under schools. Or inquire with any high school counselor.



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