McConnell Statement on President Obama’s Political Gun Control Announcement

Mitch McConnell

Fort Knox, KY.U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made the following statement on President Obama’s gun control remarks and his recent call to ‘politicize’ the issue:

“In the wake of the President’s vow to ‘politicize’ shootings, it’s hard to see today’s announcement as being about more than politics. The President has overseen a dramatic drop in prosecutions related to the enforcement of gun laws already on the books, and his party recently voted once again to defeat a Senate measure to increase those prosecutions.

“The people’s elected representatives in Congress will oversee these latest actions to determine whether they follow federal law and the Constitution. But there is another point here as well. At a time when the American people are looking to the Commander in Chief to provide real leadership in countering terrorist threats from ISIL and Al Qaeda, what Americans seem to get instead are lectures, distractions, and attempts to undermine their fundamental Second Amendment rights.”



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