Passing score for the GED test changes

Kentucky Adult Education joins the GED Testing Service (GEDTS) in announcing a recalibration to the GED test passing score and the addition of two new performance levels.

In Kentucky, as in most other states, the passing score for high school equivalency is moving from 150 to 145. The GED program will also include two optional levels above high school equivalency to signify college readiness and, for some test-takers, the opportunity to earn college credits. According to GEDTS, this scoring enhancement is driven by a detailed analysis of education outcomes of GED program graduates compared to high school graduates over the past 18 months.

As always, the passing score of the GED test will continue to be used to measure high school equivalency and to award Kentucky’s GED credential. The two additional performance levels are called GED College Ready, used to signify readiness to enter credit-bearing college courses, and GED College Ready + Credit, which may qualify students for up to 10 hours of college credit.

The GED College Ready and GED College Ready + Credit levels will apply to any student who has taken a GED test since Jan. 1, 2014. Additionally, Kentucky Adult Education is applying the 145 passing score retroactively to test-takers who have taken the GED test since Jan. 1, 2014.

“The scoring enhancements are based on an extensive analysis of test-takers’ performance data from the past 18 months, conversations with state policymakers and elected officials, and external validation with experts,” said GED Testing Service President Randy Trask. “This is part of our ongoing commitment to make data-based decisions and continually improve the efficacy of the GED program.”

“As data suggests, by 2020, 65 percent of jobs in Kentucky will require some postsecondary education,” said Reecie Stagnolia, vice president for adult education, Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education. “Ultimately, our goal remains to best prepare our students for success in college and careers. We will continue to urge more of our GED graduates to enroll in college. We believe the adoption of these new performance levels may provide our GED graduates multiple opportunities for future success.”

While the score change is effective immediately, it will not be reflected in students’ MyGED score reports until March 1, 2016.

“Over the next few weeks, Kentucky Adult Education staff will be working with local programs to address any related logistical and technical matters prior to March 1,” Stagnolia said.

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