Capital Beltway Truck Enforcement Initiative Aimed At Reducing Crashes

GREENBELT, MD (March 14, 2016) – A Maryland State Police enforcement initiative in response to recent commercial vehicle crashes in the Capital Beltway region led to more than 600 citations and warnings to drivers and 25 percent of the vehicles inspected being placed out of service for safety or overweight violations.

During the collision reduction initiative of the Maryland State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division on the Capital Beltway, troopers and truck inspectors issued 304 citations, 307 warnings and 77 equipment repair orders to commercial vehicles. During the 414 inspections conducted of commercial vehicles, 103 were placed out of service due to safety violations. Those violations included 28 out of 48 overweight trucks that were so overweight they were required to off-load cargo before being allowed to proceed.

Troopers placed 37 commercial vehicle drivers out of service during the inspections. Reasons included driver arrests for an out of state prescription fraud, drug possession, and failure to appear. Other violations included drivers who had multiple federal out-of-service orders, unqualified drivers, drivers who were suspended, and drivers who had alcohol violations and false logbooks.

The increased enforcement effort occurred during March 6-11 and included State Police personnel from the three commercial vehicle enforcement facilities located around the Capital Beltway, as well as patrol troopers from the College Park, Rockville, and Forestville barracks. Much of the initiative was conducted during hours of darkness, after a review of 2016 commercial vehicle crashes indicated most were occurring then.

The goal of the initiative was to reduce commercial vehicle crashes on the Capital Beltway, with a special focus on stopping fatigued drivers who were avoiding mandatory rest periods. Similar targeted enforcement by the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division will continue in this and other areas of the state.



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