Kentucky National Guard Soldiers Volunteer at Local God’s Pantry Food Bank Warehouse

LEXINGTON, KY– God’s Pantry Food Bank had the help of 15 Kentucky National Guard soldiers on Friday, March 11, at its Southeast Regional Distribution Center in London, KY.

The soldiers were from the 1-149 Infantry Battalion based in Barbourville and taking part on going resilience training that all soldiers must complete.

“It was an outstanding day being able to give back to a community that has supported our soldiers tremendously over the years and strengthened families. We truly appreciate all that you do for us,” said Captain Michael Moynahan, State Resilience Coordinator, said of the day and why the Food Bank was chosen as their volunteer organization.

During the 2 ½ hours of volunteering, the soldiers helped Food Bank staff fill orders for partner agencies and load their vehicles with the food supplies. The warehouse staff noted that on this particular day people were everywhere and busy with agencies. The soldiers provided much-needed extra hands and agencies enjoyed having the help while loading their orders.

The Southeast Regional Distribution Center, which opened in 2013, has shared enough food with our partners to create more than 3.3 million meals in that service area. Because of this physical presence, the amount of food going into homes in Southeastern Kentucky continues to rise. The Food Bank is thankful for the extra help and for the soldiers making it a great day for everyone involved.



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