Jackson Energy phone scam being reported

Laurel County, KY - Sheriff John Root is reporting that another phone scam is circulating in Laurel County.

On this phone scam, the caller is identifying their self as Jackson Energy and are stating that money is owed to Jackson Energy, and they are seeking credit card information for payment.

Jackson Energy reported this information to the Laurel County Sheriff's office on Monday, March 28, 2016 , stating that they had been receiving calls to their office concerning phone calls being made where the caller was attempting to fraudulently obtain credit card information from unsuspecting victims.

Jackson Energy asked the Sheriff's office to let the public know that this phone scam is going around. Jackson Energy advises - they do not call concerning past due bills and that they do not seek personal information or credit card information over the phone.

As always with any phone scam -- the Sheriff's office is advising the public to never give out any personal identifying information over the phone and never give out any credit card information over the phone.

These phone scams are attempting to steal money or information from unsuspecting victims.

The Laurel County Sheriff's office continues to investigate. Jackson Energy advises they too are investigating.



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