Various scams circulating in Laurel County area

Laurel County, KY - Sheriff John Root is reporting that: Sgt. Josh Gaylor is investigating several different phone scams that are circulating in the Laurel County area.

These are a few of the most frequent ones.

  • The caller is researching local houses that are for sale and the scammer is advertising the same house as a house for rent and attempting to obtain deposits and rent from the intended victim. Be sure you know who you are dealing with and make sure that they are legitimate.
  • The caller is advising local citizens that they have qualified for a $6700 grant and that they need to pay $250 Kentucky taxes by obtaining an iTunes card before the grant can be released and that they are not to discuss this transaction with anyone.
  • In most of these phone scams, the caller requests money be sent by a cashiers check, a green dot card, money gram ,a check or the victims bank routing numbers.
  • Citizens need to be alerted that in all these instances, all have been determined to be a scams. Please do not fall prey to this attempt to steal money from unsuspecting people.

    Generally if citizens have caller I.D. on their phone, and do not recognize the caller’s number, it is recommended not to answer, and screen phone calls.

    Scammers can even program familiar phone numbers into their calls. Common sense applies here.

    As always, we recommend that citizens never give out personal identifying information, and never send money, checks, or other means of cash.

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