Deputy talks armed teenager out of tree in Whitley County

After three hours, a tense situation involving an armed and reportedly
suicidal 17-year-old female ended without injuries.

Around 7 p.m. Saturday, August 27, 2016, Whitley County E911 received information that a teenage girl had left a residence armed and intended to harm herself.

Whitley County Emergency Management Director Danny Moses and several Williamsburg Police Officers first found the female in a tree stand in the Savoy community.

Deputy James Fox arrived and was transferred command of the scene. The girl reportedly had a .32 caliber handgun and knives in her possession. Dep. Fox went to the girl and from the ground spoke to her for approximately two hours.

Risking his own safety, Dep. Fox stayed near the tree stand, built a rapport with the teenager and kept her calm. She eventually descended from the tree stand but had in her possession a large hunting-style knife. When she tried to return to the tree stand, Dep. Fox deployed his Taser, disarmed her and brought the incident to an end without injury to the teenager or any first responders. No firearm was found, but multiple knives and brass knuckles were located.

Sheriff Colan Harrell was at the scene and commends Dep. Fox for his calmness and compassion during the tense situation.

The sheriff’s department would also like to thank Williamsburg Police Department Sergeant Brandon White and officers David Rowe and Elijah Hunter; Kentucky State Police Sgt. Les Moses and Trooper Matt Ridner; Whitley Co. Emergency Management Director Danny Moses; members of Whitley County EMS; and Whitley Co. E911 dispatchers for their assistance.1">


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