Ode To September 11, 2001

Dr. James M. Davis

By: Dr. James M. Davis

America is great, We will always stand, We will endeavor to protect our homeland, America is strong, We were all sad, We will persist to beyond being mad,

With great might we will fight, With great horror what a sight, The twin towers that stood so tall, The twin towers that were made to fall,

Innocent men and women doing their day, Working people trying to earn their pay, Innocent men and women who harmed nobody, Working people who were all somebody,

Crash, fires, smoke, and calamity, Made us all wonder about humanity, The pentagon who took a great blow, The pentagon who rebuilt to again glow,

Firefighters, Medics, Nurses, and Police They give us their best efforts, some gave all Soldiers, Sailors, Pilots, and Marines, They give us their best efforts, some gave all,

Fields of pain, death, and sadness, Fields of memories not made, near madness, Everyday people filled with hurt and anger, Everyday people who stood against danger,

We fight the good fight, together we stand, We resist the terror, we love our homeland, With purpose, clear vision, and with true sight, We will defeat our enemies with our great might,

 We recall that fateful September 11 day, It is God to whom we must always pray, It is Jesus who will always show us the way, We cherish those we lost that fateful day,

We sigh and scream with hurt and dismay, We shall never forget that September 11 day. We curse those responsible, asking why, why, why, We come together each year to remember and to cry,

Stand with pride and lift your head high, Forever the Eagle soars in the clear blue sky, Forever the Flag flies and waves with dignity, Stand with pride, you are an American!


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