Medal of Honor presented to Whitley Co. Deputy Brian Hensley

WCSD Press Release - On Monday September 2, 2013, at approximately 11:52 p.m., Deputy Brian Hensley responded to a call on Orleans Court in the Gray community in reference to a potential domestic dispute.

Upon arrival, Dep. Hensley made contact made contact with Hazel Hibbard and two of her neighbors. Hibbard stated that her boyfriend, Jeffrey Frump, arrived at the residence intoxicated and upset. She stated she had not been hit but was grabbed by the arm and shoved out of the residence.

Ms. Hibbard stated that Frump may have a knife in his possession and was reportedly suicidal. Ms. Hibbard and the neighbors were asked to leave the area for their protection.

Dep. Hensley spoke to Frump through a door. Frump cursed at Dep. Hensley and refused to open the door. Dep. Hensley heard a gunshot from within the residence. Fearing the worst and believing Frump may be in need of medical attention or had committed suicide, Dep. Hensley kicked open the door, only to find Frump behind a couch with a gun pointed at Dep. Hensley.

Dep. Hensley jumped behind the door frame for cover. Frump shot at Dep. Hensley through the door and striking both legs. The projectile passed through one leg and then struck the other. Fearing he would be shot again, Dep. Hensley jumped over the porch railing, and a second bullet struck his handheld radio, causing it to come off of his duty belt.

Dep. Hensley fractured his left wrist and was temporarily unconscious from the jump. Without radio access, Dep. Hensley yelled toward Ms. Hibbard and the neighbors, asking them to call 911 and report that a deputy had been shot and was in need of backup.

Dep. Hensley was able to rise to his knees and observed Frump exiting the residence with a gun pointed in his direction. Dep. Hensley fired three shots toward Frump striking him all three times, resulting in Frump’s death.

After Dep. Hensley observed Frump fall back into the house, he limped to his cruiser and radioed for EMS and law enforcement assistance. Dep. Hensley recovered from his injuries and proudly serves and protects the citizens of Whitley County.

Pictured: National Sheriff’s Association President Greg Champagne, Deputy Brian Hensley, Sheriff Colan J. Harrell, & Kentucky Sheriff’s Association President Wayne Wright


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