"The Other Side Of Justice" - Book released about Horse Creek, KY man that's doing life in federal prison

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Manchester, KY - A Clay County man who is serving a life sentence for illegally distributing prescription drugs that resulted in the death of another individual is proclaiming his innocence in a book he has written while in jail.

To describe this very interesting read as "captivating" is putting it lightly.

Terry Smith, age 54, of Horse Creek, was found guilty on January 26, 2015 by a federal jury that also convicted his wife, Gerry, of conspiring together and with others to distribute Oxycodone following five days of trial. Terry Smith's life sentence was handed down on July 23, 2015.

Smith's book titled The Other Side Of Justice - THE TERRY AND GERRY SMITH STORY can be downloaded or read FREE by clicking the following link:
The Manchester Enterprise - "The Other Side Of Justice"

Also, The Manchester Enterprise's printed issue available at news stands today will have a story and in addition, a "point counter point" segment regarding "The Other Side Of Justice" by Terry Smith.


Photo & most content courtesy of The Manchester Enterprise


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