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Op-Ed: A Volunteered Response to Intentional Ignorance

Opinion Editorial by Brent Willoughby

The English language has been described as one of the most difficult languages to learn or understand as a second language. Even people who grew up with it as their first and only language still have difficulty with it. That is because most words have multiple meanings and connotations and this can create confusion.

Different regions speak different dialects and as a result people from outside a particular region may have trouble communicating with the people of that region. Then on top of all that individuals who specialize in a particular trade craft begin to use jargon specific to their craft.

I know it can be confusing.

Trying to determine what a person genuinely means is best accomplished by direct communication and building a rapport. Short of this it would probably be best to err on the side of caution.

Jumping to conclusions can spiral out of control thus leading to further difficulty and ultimately the complete collapse of communication altogether.

People who have been trained to thrive during times of chaos remain cool, calm, and collective while those around them struggle with appearances and will say and do anything to regain control of a narrative.

Perhaps it is just better to speak in layman's terms? In the United States Marine Corps we called that breaking it down Barney style.

Sometimes we even used the acronym K.I.S.S. which stands for keep it simple stupid. Take out a pen and jot down some notes if I am moving too fast for you.

Mass= a large but nonspecific amount or number

Grave= an excavation for the internment of a corpse or a place of burial

When you combine (that means add them together) the two you get a large nonspecific number of burials. End lesson, return to normal.

How much more accurate of a description can be given based on the evidence found at the site of the relocation of the Hoskins Cemetery? Seems spot on to me.

"Hoskins Cemetery is Gone":  (Credit: Douglas Phelps)

"Hoskins Cemetery 7 Reburials": (Credit: Douglas Phelps)

It would appear that people are just trying to sensationalize my comments and opinions in order to benefit themselves or their agenda. Maybe business is worse than I thought and they think that including my name on the front page will generate revenue and increase sales?

It's flattering but I'm no Rockstar:

  • Just a humble servant serving purposes greater than myself
  • Everyone should try it sometime as it keeps the ego from becoming inflated
  • A practice sadly needed within certain circles

Because I consider myself to be a fair individual I would also include the following observations. During war and other times of natural disaster mass and/or trench graves have been utilized. Sometimes it is to prevent the spread of disease. Other times they are used because it is the most expeditious means of burial possible. Still yet, the most horrific use of mass graves were probably documented after the holocaust of WW2. These bring up mental images of some of the most despicable actions in the history of mankind. In all of these instances no caskets or vaults are used and there are "loose" remains placed into the grave. Only monsters would do such a thing and I am truly glad we do not live in a society where that is common practice.

For clarification I believe it is important to acknowledge that there are individuals who will try to play on words. Spin doctors if you will. They only hear what they want to hear. Even worse, they only want others to hear what they want them to hear. That seems sketchy at best, malicious at worst. What are their motives and intentions? History has proven when authorities only want one side of the story told it's usually the side that benefits them the most. I trust that most people can come to their own conclusions when presented with both sides of the story.

Ignorance is:

  • A lack of knowledge

Intentional ignorance is:

  • Playing stupid when it suits your needs

This will be the last time I feel the need to explain myself regarding anything printed in a newspaper that includes:

  • $119 worth of coupons for a dollar and still remains on the shelves

Don't include me in your publication unless you intend to start sending royalties. I always like to have a little change for the vending machines on hand. To end on a positive note at least the layout was somewhat humorous.

Brent Willoughby


About Brent Willoughby:

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