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I Gotta Guy - Construction and handyman for over 25 years in the Laurel County area

Lubrizol to Expand Operations in Louisville, Create 25 Jobs

Specialty chemical company to invest more than $108 million in the Commonwealth

FRANKFORT, Ky. – Governor Steve Beshear has announced Lubrizol Advanced Materials Inc., a subsidiary of The Lubrizol Corporation, plans to expand operations in Louisville, creating 25 jobs and investing more than $108 million in the project.

Detroit's bankruptcy – Lessons to learn and incorporate in your life


Sophie Kinsella has written this article and she is a financial writer who excels in financial topics like debt, credit cards, bankruptcy and many more. Some topics covered by her are the different types of bankruptcies, the pros and cons of filing bankruptcy and many more.

Detroit's bankruptcy is certainly a sad chapter in the storied history of the city and also a warning sign for the government entities across the United States of America.

Love, anger, hatred, violence - What a book!

Bob Lambert

By Bob Lambert

As I am sitting here words are flying through my head, similar to a tornado's ferocity. I am scurrying to write them down with some sort of order thart makes them understandable to me, ultimately to you.

What is religion? To listen to some it's "Fear the Lord"' to others it's "Love the Lord". In retrospect, I loved my parents, yet I never feared them. Yet, through my earthly fallibililty I failed them many times, they pointed this out to me in an explicit manner (spanking). I still didn't fear them, but loved them even more for some unexplainable reason! To this day I respect what my parents went through raising me. Those of you who know me should respect that also.

Connor's CHD (Congential Heart Defects) Journey


By Tasha Hoskins

Our son Connor David was born on April 19, 2011. I went into the hospital on April 18th after my doctors appointment I was directly admitted and scheduled for a C-Section the next morning due to medical problems from Gestational Diabetes & Preeclampsia.

Bob Lambert returns to the Hills

{jcomments on}Bob Lambert


I feel compelled to thank all of you who welcomed my arrival back to Manchester. And I thought this e-paper (ClayCoNews) was the correct conduit to do so.

My stroke debilitated the portion of my brain that controls my muscular functions, such as walking (my balance is quite attrocious).

My mind portion, that controls emotion was severely damaged, but thankfully that has improved considerably. At first my short term memory was damaged. I almost had to write my name backwards on the mirror so I would remember myself!

William Hudson's Carpet Sales

Rominger Funeral Home


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