"Theft of Mail Matter" - Mail carrier arrested in Whitley County

Awareness urged after mail theft arrest

Whitley County, KY - The Whitley County Sheriff's Department is reporting that a mail carrier was arrested on charges of theft of mail matter, and the sheriff’s department encourages persons possibly affected to review their financial records.

In relation to an investigation that began in October, Deputy Cody Harrell arrested Alexander Johnson, 24, of Williamsburg. Johnson was arrested on December 14, 2016 and charged with 18 counts of theft of mail matter. On the date of his arrest, a search warrant was executed at his residence, and further charges against Johnson and others are possible.

Johnson was contracted by the United States Postal Service to deliver mail and was suspected of unlawfully taking mail that could provide financial gain.

Johnson drove a white Chevrolet Trailblazer SUV and delivered mail to residents in the Hwy 92E and Brown’s Creek area.

Found in Johnson’s vehicle at the time of arrest were 18 items not addressed to him. A total of six debit cards not assigned to Johnson were located. Within the vehicle, some of the items not addressed to Johnson were found in the rear passenger storage compartments.

Chief Deputy Tim Baker, Sergeant Todd Shelley and Sheriff Colan J. Harrell assisted in the investigation. A United States Postal Inspector also assisted in the investigation.

Sheriff Colan J. Harrell – “The people these cards were issued to, it’s rough on them. The banks help, but the victims still go through a lot trying to straighten these issues out. Anybody who’s ever been a victim of identity theft or financial fraud knows how upsetting, frustrating and time consuming this can be. We’re glad to have made an arrest. Our department put a lot of time into this investigation, months worth. We’re continuing the investigation and here to help anybody else who was affected.”

Photo of the accused is courtesy of the Whitley County Detention Center.


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