WUCHNER: "Pro-abortion Activists are trying to scare Kentuckians"


LOUISVILLE, KY – Addia Wuchner, Chair of the Yes for Life Alliance and Executive Director of Kentucky Right to Life, has released the following statement about text messages and mailers by pro-abortion activists regarding Kentucky’s Constitutional Amendment #2:

According to Wuchner “Pro-abortion activists are trying to scare Kentuckians with their lies about Amendment #2.

The amendment is not a ban on abortion, and current Kentucky law strongly protects the health and life of mothers.

To say otherwise is gross dishonesty that will only discourage Kentucky women from seeking the care they need and put their health in danger.“Amendment #2 will preserve our commonsense, reasonable, pro-life framework and prevent out-of-state interests and activist judges from forcing taxpayer funded late-term abortions.

We call on the other side to stop their smear campaign and let Kentuckians decide how to vote based on the facts.”



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