April Fools' Joke On Public?? Former State Trooper & Now Elizabethtown, Kentucky Police Chief Says New Uniform Challenges Everything He's Ever Believed And Stood For...

The source of this report appears to be SOLID but ClayCoNews is NOT going to vouch for the "authenticity" of the article. However, it's a good read so feel free to draw your own conclusion after reading. Cowbell??

HARDIN COUNTY, KY - The Elizabethtown Police Department (EPD) is reporting that: EPD is excited to unveil our all new summer uniform! Recognizing that the comfort and well being of our employees has always been an important priority, Chief Jeremy Thompson somewhat reluctantly agreed to bring the all new warm weather duds to EPD after internal and city wide polls showed enthusiastic support for the change.

"It was a tough pill to swallow at first," said Chief Thompson. "As a former proud Kentucky State Trooper, I've always cared deeply about public image. This new uniform challenges everything I've ever believed and stood for, but times, they are a changin', and I've got to recognize that."

After watching Officer Denham strutting on a makeshift runway through the EPD lobby in the all new costume, Chief Thompson did note that he hopes some employees will still opt for the traditional uniform. "Look, it's a great option for the men and women out here working hard to serve our community, but we should be realistic and responsible about our fashion choices as well" said Chief Thompson. He refused to elaborate further.

Dropping the long recognized dark navy blue uniforms for a desert tan color scheme, the lighter colored uniforms will be far more comfortable in the oppressive Kentucky summer heat and humidity. Unmistakably, the uniform is also shedding a good deal of fabric, much to the delight of police officers who are tired of sweating underneath the repressive heat of the obsolete classic uniform.

Mayor Gregory, also a former state trooper, has not yet offered a comment on the change. After seeing Officer Denham model the new uniform, he was rendered uncharacteristically speechless and also seemed to have a sudden mysterious bout of stomach cramps and nausea. We hope to get his thoughts in the near future and wish him a speedy recovery from his sudden illness.

The city wide poll listed 5 options for summer changes, and the new uniform was the top option in 54% of responses.

Surprisingly, the least popular change listed in the poll was adding 50 more roundabouts, with only 4% of respondents voting for this change as their top choice. A close second to the the new uniform option was a proposal for more cowbell. The city is looking closely at this option for 2024.

SOURCE: Elizabethtown Police Department


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