Attorney General Daniel Cameron

Attorney General Cameron Backs Eastern Kentucky, Opposes Plan for Out-of-State Wind and Solar Energy

FRANKFORT, KY (October 16, 2023) – Attorney General Daniel Cameron continues his steadfast commitment to Eastern Kentucky. General Cameron announced his opposition to a Kentucky Power proposal to buy massive amounts of unreliable, out-of-state energy to power homes and businesses in Eastern Kentucky.

The plan would decrease reliability and increase costs on hard-working families.

"Impeding the potential of Kentucky while bankrolling another state's wind and solar investments makes no sense," said General Cameron. "The unceasing attack on our coal industry is bad for Eastern Kentucky and the entire Commonwealth. I urge all our utilities to keep the interests of Kentuckians at the forefront of their decisions."

Kentucky is blessed with tremendous natural resources that have kept the lights on and provided good-paying jobs for generations. And with utility bills skyrocketing and inflation punishing pocketbooks, now—more than ever—Kentucky should continue to utilize those resources.  

Meanwhile, President Biden's radical climate agenda would force Kentucky to rely on out-of-state wind and solar energy. This could have disastrous consequences for Eastern Kentuckians, who already pay some of the highest utility bills in the Commonwealth.  

General Cameron has been critical of radical climate policies that wreak havoc on American energy. Earlier this month, he opposed a request to retire four Kentucky coal-fired power plants. He has also fought federal proposals to impose crippling costs on Kentucky coal, sued to stop the Biden Administration's cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline, and opposed the EPA's excessive regulation of fossil fuels. 

Since taking office, General Cameron has also saved Kentuckians nearly $300 million in proposed utility rate increases. View the brief here.



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