Sheriff John Root

Reminder from Sheriff John Root of Laurel County, Kentucky Regarding Stop Arm Activation on School Buses

LONDON, KY - Laurel County Sheriff John Root reminds drivers of the serious consequences of passing a loading or unloading school bus that has its Stop Arm extended. Monday, in Knott County, a child was injured by a vehicle that struck a school bus and a child there, the school bus had its Stop Arm extended.

A new law enacted in Kentucky — KRS 189.370 provides that if the identity of a violator who disregards the stop arm on the school bus cannot be determined, then the registered owner of the vehicle shall be held responsible and will be charged.

Laurel County school buses have been equipped with cameras on their stop arms and as a result numerous vehicles with their license tags. have been identified and citations are being sent to the registered owners of those vehicles charging them with a Class B Misdemeanor that demands a court appearance with possible fines and possible jail time.

Please note the attached reminder letter from Sheriff Root with the press release from the Laurel County school system regarding their usage of cameras on school bus Stop Arms—this letter was posted on our page on August 9th alerting drivers of the camera usage.

Motorists please be aware that Kentucky state law requires that when a school bus has its stop arm and signal lights activated the operator of a vehicle approaching from any direction shall bring his vehicle to a stop and shall not proceed until the bus has completed receiving or discharging passengers and has been put into motion.

The only exception is vehicles approaching from the opposite direction on a four-lane highway.

Violating this law can result in serious injury or death to our children. The Laurel County Sheriffs office fully supports the Laurel County Schools in its attempt to make our children safer and the prosecution of any driver in violation.


August 9, 2023

New this year to Laurel County School buses is the installation of Stop Arm cameras. The small cameras, about the stze ot a cell phone, are located directly below the Stop sign that is activated during a school bus pick-up/drop-off.

The cameras turn on and begin recording when rnotion is detected during a bus pick-up/drop-off.

It is illeglal to pass a bus when the Stop Arm is activated.

Student safety is the number one priority for Laurel County Schools. The Laurel County Schools Police Department will be working with the London Police Department and the Laurel County Sheriffs office to ensure drivers obey the law.

We encourage drivers to be alert and aware as Laurel County schools welcome nearly 9,000 students back to school this Thursday, August 10, 2023.

Allow extra time and be prepared for delays the first couple of days.



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