Attorney General Daniel Cameron

Kentucky Attorney General Cameron Preserves and Protects Freedom

FRANKFORT, KY – Attorney General Daniel Cameron is dedicated to preserving our long history of freedom.

"Far-left extremists have relentlessly attacked our basic rights," said Attorney General Cameron. "To freedom-loving Kentuckians, I am fighting for you. I'll always put the Commonwealth first and protect our way of life."

Religious Liberty and Constitutional Protections
Governor Beshear shut down our churches. He threatened believers with criminal sanctions on Easter Sunday. He banned Kentuckians from traveling across state lines and closed our schools for nearly two years.  These top-down decisions violated the fundamental rights of every Kentucky citizen. Thanks to General Cameron, each brazen overreach was declared unconstitutional and swiftly overturned.

Mandate Madness
President Biden unilaterally decided what millions of Americans must inject into their bodies. The President's vaccine mandates required healthcare workers, federal contractors, many private sector employees, and Head Start workers to get jabbed or give up their jobs. While other "leaders" complied without question, General Cameron stood up for Kentuckians, challenging each unlawful vaccine mandate.

Emboldened by President Biden, Governor Beshear blatantly ignored the law and mandated masks in schools and childcare facilities. General Cameron sued the governor to stop these mandates and won. General Cameron's efforts also helped end the Biden Administration's mandate requiring masks at airports, train stations, and other transportation hubs.

Protecting the Right to Bear Arms
Kentuckians respect and embrace the Second Amendment. But that hasn't stopped left-wing attempts to impose gun control. General Cameron supported the NRA and defended the Second Amendment all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. He opposed the Biden Administration's proposal to make it more difficult to purchase lawful firearms and firearm parts. General Cameron also sued to stop the President's proposed rule requiring gun owners to register firearm accessories like pistol braces.

Funding School Hunting and Archery Programs
First, radical activists wanted to defund the police. Then they wanted to defund our schools simply for having hunting and archery programs. After the Biden Administration announced plans to hold hostage nearly $1 billion in federal funding from schools with shooting sports, General Cameron refused to let Kentucky kids pay the price for this Administration's poor policy preferences. As a result, federal funding was released for school hunting and archery programs.

General Cameron won't stop fighting for Kentucky. To learn more about his efforts, visit



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