Bob Lambert returns to the Hills

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I feel compelled to thank all of you who welcomed my arrival back to Manchester. And I thought this e-paper (ClayCoNews) was the correct conduit to do so.

My stroke debilitated the portion of my brain that controls my muscular functions, such as walking (my balance is quite attrocious).

My mind portion, that controls emotion was severely damaged, but thankfully that has improved considerably. At first my short term memory was damaged. I almost had to write my name backwards on the mirror so I would remember myself!

You all should take heart frrom the fact our Memorial Hospital had the good sense to airlift me to UK Hospital, and that they eventually transferred me to Cardinal Hill Hospital.

There, I credit them for making me exercise my muscles when I objected most stridently.

And the speech thereapist took my gibberish and patiently helped me talk again.

Its funny today that I hated the therapist for making me walk and speak. Come to think of it I was a 1st class jerk rebelling at every turn. They were true angels to me, though..

The fact that I'm sitting in front of this computer typing this is a tribute to their hard work.

When Susie, my wife, was told by a doctor that I would be a vegetable she deemed it necessay to leave me to go to parts unknown. She was thorough enough to clean any money from every account I had as she had power of attorney over any and all of my assets.

I moved to Washington DC to find opportunity in my field of graphic arts, or better said, to lick my wounds,and to recoup my financial devastation.

To my great surprise everyone I knew had either died or gone out of business.  That, combined with my mental depression, chaos was ensuing.

So on advice from a friend I moved to western Md., where I continued to lick my wounds.

I received a call from from an old friend in Manchester inviting me down for a visit.

Ron Curry came to western Maryland to pick me up, and brought me back to Manchester, and at the end of my visit asked me to stay.

I was thrilled to say YES!,

I'm so very happy to be back in the hills of Clay County that have meant so much to me, to say nothing of all the friends I had, and happily--still have here!

Bob Lambert


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