Attorney General Conway Encourages Parents to Monitor Children's Video Game Content

Attorney General Jack Conway


Attorney General Jack Conway is reminding parents and caregivers across the Commonwealth that while they are holiday shopping this season they should be aware of the valuable tools they can use to monitor the content of their children's video games.

A recently launched national PSA campaign led by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), along with its retail partners and other stakeholders, encourages parents to utilize the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) video game rating system and video game console parental controls.

"I applaud the ESA for creating this national awareness campaign," General Conway said. "As a parent, making the right entertainment decisions for my children is incredibly important. This initiative will help keep thousands of parents informed when making video game purchases for their families, especially during the upcoming holiday season."

The ESRB is a non-profit organization responsible for assigning age and content ratings for computer games, video games and apps. The ratings are designed to provide guidance to parents about the appropriateness of games they choose for their families. Additionally, new game consoles come with parental control systems, which give parents the ability to block games they don't want their children to play. The PSA campaign was created to further educate parents about the tools that are available to help them recognize age-appropriate games.

In addition to distributing the PSA to TV stations across the country, the ESA is collaborating with entertainment software companies to share the PSA on video game consoles, video game-specific websites, fan discussion websites, online stores and mobile devices to maximize the campaign's reach.

The national PSA on ESRB ratings and parental controls is available at .


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