Idaho Operation Lifesaver "Officer On A Train" and "Adopt A Crossing"

On Monday, April 21, 2014, City, County and State Law Enforcement Officers will be conducting an "Officer On A Train" and "Adopt A Crossing" enforcement operation in East Idaho.

Idaho Operation Lifesaver "Officer On A Train" and "Adopt A Crossing"

The purpose of this enforcement operation is to increase public awareness of the potential dangers that exist at highway railroad intersections and eliminate driver actions that can have tragic consequences, by enforcing the traffic laws that pertain to these intersections. The enforcement program is one of three parts of the Operation Lifesaver effort, which include engineering and education, designed to eliminate car/train collisions.

During the "Officer On the Train" enforcement effort, one officer is placed in the lead locomotive of a train as a spotter. This officer observes driver behavior approaching the highway/rail intersections as the train proceeds down the tracks. Other officers pace the train or are parked at specific locations. When a motorist is observed violating the laws pertaining to the approaching intersection, the officer on the train radios one of the chase cars which will stop the motorist, explain the dangers and issue a citation.

During 2013, there were 19 car/train collisions and 4 pedestrian incidents resulting in 5 people being injured and 8 fatalities.

Since 1990, the "Officer On A Train" program has been instrumental in helping reduce the number of car train collisions in the state. City, County and State law enforcement, State and federal agencies, along with the private business and the railroads that operate in the state sponsor the Idaho Operation Lifesaver program.

Idaho Operation Lifesaver is dedicated to eliminating car train collisions, which result in preventable deaths and injuries. For additional information or to schedule a free presentation, call Idaho Operation Lifesaver @ 208-236-5626.


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