Clay County facing water emergency - Conflicting reports

New Clay County Emergency Management Facebook page now in place

Clay County, Ky. -  Currently many Clay County residents & businesses are without water and are having difficulty getting an explanation for their problem.

At this time the the most serious concern appears to be the Manchester Memorial Hospital and the Laurel Creek Health Care Center. ClayCoNews has spoken via telephone with both facilities.

Laurel Creek Health Care Center / Question: What's you current water situation?

Answer: Administrator Clara Benge - "Right now we're getting water into the facility from various sources."

Question: Is there was a possibility that residents might have to be relocated to other facilities?

Answer: "We're taking the situation very seriously "hour by hour" and any steps needed for the safety & well being of our residents will be taken immediately."

Manchester Memorial Hospital: Call was transferred, not sure who we spoke with but was told they were not experiencing any water problems but would have a hospital official return our call....No response

FB Message to Elsie Allen Woods (water dept.):

Question: Are you gonna' make a press release concerning the current water situation in Clay County

Answer: I have no idea as of right now, I know we are working around the clock to trying to resolve it but not having much luck.

Phone call requesting information to Mike White (water dept.) : No response

Clay County Emergency Management: (New Facebook page)

Number listed on their FB page ring through to 911 dispatch.

The dispatcher was very polite and explained that his information was currently limited but from what was coming in, the problem was apparently stemming from a more than normal amount of residents letting faucets run in order to prevent pipes from freezing during the recent sub-zero cold snap resulting in water supplies in all the various holding tanks located around Clay County being depleted faster than the incoming water supply could keep pace with.

The above report conflicts with the following post on the Laurel County Sheriff's Facebook page as well as other sources reporting main line breaks:

LSO - We need your assistance to help citizens in Clay County:

Sheriff John Root is reporting that there is a major water main break in Clay County, and we need your help to provide assistance to our neighbors.

Clay County has had a major water line break and may not have water for several days.

Deputy Larry Parrott has learned that If anyone can donate bottled water of any kind please take it to New Salem Baptist Church in Pittsburg on N. Hwy 25.

They will be taking donations until 7:00 P.M. tonight...... Call 606-524-0414 with questions. Thank You.

According to our sources:

There has been at least one major water main line break & possibly others and the outage could continue for several days for residents not living in Manchester and that officials are asking residents of Manchester that still have water to please conserve until further notice.

Newly established:

Clay County Emergency Management services have established water distribution centers at the following locations:

Burning Springs, Horse Creek, Big Creek, Manchester & Lockards Creek Fire Departments


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