After several days without water out on Redneck Ridge - Clay County




By Cletus Maricle

After several days without water out on Redneck Ridge, Cuz Red Fred makes a very convincing argument for a return to the good old days.

You never had any busted water lines because there weren’t any. You didn’t have to worry about fresh drinking water because there was a bucketful resting on a table in the kitchen with its own dipper.

The bucket could be refilled at any time from an outside well so there was no need for emergency management to truck in water. And besides that, the water sometimes made its own ice while sitting there overnight. Hot water could always be retrieved from the side well to the wood cooking stove.

You had no need for water to flush a commode because all facilities were outside no flushers. No problem with noxious odors because all privies were well ventilated and were in working condition 24 hours per day.

If you absolutely had to have clean clothes you would just wash them in a tub and throw them over an outside clothes line where they didn’t have to drip dry because they froze dry.

No baths like Brenda Rice talked about. Use the wash tub before the open fire place. You would at least be warm on one side.

The real reward would be to those people out working to restore water. They could stay home with their families like the rest of us.



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