IRS phone scam

Sheriff John Root




Laurel County, Ky. - Sheriff John Root is reporting that the Laurel Sheriff’s Office is investigating another scam reported to the Laurel County Sheriff's Office.

Apparently, Laurel County residents are receiving phone calls from persons reporting to be with the IRS who are alleging that citizens owe back taxes and that if they do not pay they are threatening to notify local police.

Numbers that are allegedly showing up on caller ID include: 646-481-8940; also 714-701-6093 and 202-622-2000. Additional numbers may be reflected on your caller ID.

Please note that the IRS does not make phone calls such as these, and this is considered a phone scam affecting the Laurel County area.

Obviously, this is a phone scam attempting to extort money from unsuspecting persons. If anyone receives similar phone calls, they should either disregard the call and not answer it, or if they answer it, hang up on the caller, and definitely do not send any money to these people.

The Laurel Sheriff's Office continues to investigate.


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