‘Celebrate Successes’ event May 5 @ EKU in Manchester, KY - What are we celebrating?

Chad Thompson


By Chad Thompson

Manchester, Ky. - I would like to know what we're celebrating.

Sure, the availability of prescription pain medication has been drastically reduced thanks to HB1 and KASPER, but the use of non-prescription narcotics has rose dramatically.

Not to mention the number of people who have been depending on suboxone - which is meant to be short term therapy - for years now.

Hep C and HIV are out of control thanks to the number of drug users who's preferred method of consumption is now injection, and policy makers want to celebrate this?

I guess they can celebrate legislating our drug culture from a prescription abusing population into an I.V. drug use population.

With that being said, I have nothing against UNITE and I'm thankful for all they have done.

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