Crime prevention tips - Utility trailers

Laurel County, Ky. - Sheriff John Root offers the following crime prevention tips to help Laurel County residents and to assist his deputies in solving and identifying stolen utility trailers in our area. In recent months, some utility trailers, both single axle and double axle have been reported as stolen, and some have been recovered with the trailer's serial number removed. Sheriff Root suggests the following tips:

• write down the serial numbers to your trailer

• owners should apply their own unique numbers to the trailer by the use of an engraving device

• take pictures of your trailer and store them for future reference

• on a piece of paper note scratches, marks, or any other identifiers that distinguish your trailer from another trailer

These trailers range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Hopefully these suggestions will help protect Laurel county citizen's investment, and assist deputies in identifying those trailers that are reported stolen.


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