SPECIAL ALERT TO OUR READERS: ClayCoNews expansion underway - New services available soon

ClayCoNews Publisher Brenda Kay



By: Brenda Kay, ClayCoNews Publisher

ClayCoNews and it's affiliate BIGBARN Radio are happy to announce that we have obtained our own servers and will be doing our own hosting instead of outsourcing and also making several new services available to our audience.

During this transition, which has already begun, there is the possibility that ClayCoNews data may be lost (all or in part of), so we strongly advise that anyone that might want to save photos or articles of interest to them in ClayCoNews do so immediately.

The transition of BIGBARN Radio to our servers has already been accomplished successfully.  However, ClayCoNews is a much more complex site.

Due to the data loss possibility, or even site down time, is why we are suggesting that users download or save any content that may be of interest to them.

In the possibility of site down time, all of our advertisers will receive extended ad run time to compensate for any loss of site down time.

I look forward to offering our new services, which include hosting, web design & development, graphic design, and coming soon, app development, to our customers around the world and especially South Eastern, Kentucky.

If you are considering having a website professionally built, need hosting for an existing site, or graphics, don't hesitate to contact me, Brenda Kay here: , or feel free to call (606) 658-6187 anytime.  If no answer, please leave a message. - Your call will be returned.

All this is possible due to the support of each of you that have continued to read ClayCoNews for over 10 years now.

Thank you so very much & I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience!

Brenda Kay


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