LSO warns of IRS phone scam circulating in Laurel County

Laurel County, KY - Sheriff John Root is reporting that Sgt. Josh Gaylor is investigating a phone scam that is circulating in the Laurel County area.

This scam has been attempted here numerous times before, and has surfaced again with many Laurel Countians receiving these phone calls attempting to steal their money.

The caller is posing as the IRS attempting to collect money they say is owed to the IRS and they threaten legal action if it is not sent. Citizens need to be alerted that the IRS does not operate like this.

Please do not fall prey to this attempt to steal money from unsuspecting people. Generally if citizens have caller I.D. on their phone, and do not recognize the caller’s number, it is recommended not to answer, and screen phone calls.

Scammers can even program familiar phone numbers into their calls. Common sense applies here.

As always, we recommend that citizens never give out personal identifying information, and never send money, checks, or other means of cash.

Sgt. Gaylor continues to investigate.



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