Statement from House Republican Leader Jeff Hoover on President Obama’s Intrusion into Kentucky Schools

House Republican Leader Jeff Hoover

FRANKFORT, Ky. (May 13, 2016) – “Today, President Obama directed every public school to provide transgender access to bathrooms, or face the loss of federal funds. Kentucky will not be held hostage to President Obama, particularly when it comes to the safety of children in our schools.”

“President Obama has already waged war on our coalfields, and the result has been the devastating loss of more than 19,000 Kentucky jobs. Today, the Obama Administration took its war from the Kentucky coalfield to the Kentucky classroom. I will not stand for this type of gross federal overreach that goes against the values of most Kentuckians.”

“Kentucky’s schools should be regulated on a local level, and not have the policies of Washington liberals forced upon them. If this directive stands, I will consider every measure to ensure it is challenged in Kentucky.”



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