Phone scam targeting grandparents, other family

Whitley County, KY - WCSD is reporting that on June 21, 2016, the sheriff's department received two complaints from unrelated parties stating that they had been contacted by people claiming to be their grandchildren, who were allegedly in need of help.

In one case, the caller identified himself by name. The potential victim did have a grandson with that name, but he was not in another country nor needing medical help. The other case was a generic plea for financial assistance.

Each caller requested credit card and banking information to receive money because they allegedly were out of the country and either needed medical treatment or to pay jail fees.

In both cases, calls were made to grandparents. It's suspected that they were chosen because they may seem more sympathetic to requests for help or more susceptible to phone scams. For that reason, we are asking that you share this information with family members.

Phone scams tend to focus on one area and then move onto another area after attempts have been exhausted. It is likely that more people in Whitley County will receive similar scam calls.

Please help spread the word about this current scam.



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