Unity Walk for Law Enforcement scheduled in Manchester

CCN Staff Report: August 4, 2016

Manchester, KY - In an era that is being marked by disrespect, contempt, and violence toward law enforcement officers across America, the Manchester, Clay County community is coming together on SATURDAY, AUGUST 27, 2016 and conducting a unity walk to demonstrate their respect, admiration, and support for the police and military who provide safety and security services for us.

The Unity Walk for Law Enforcement will begin at 9:00AM at the Eastern Kentucky University Manchester Campus with a moment of silence for those who have fallen in the line of duty, making the ultimate sacrifice, and a special prayer will be offered for those who continue to wear the uniform and protect our lives and liberties. and the procession will conclude at the Rawlings - Stinson Park with special activities, vendors, and a meet and greet with local law enforcement officers will be available through 2:00 PM.

A number of militant groups around the country are making malicious and false statements about law enforcement officers and military service providers and the consequences of the remarks leads to a misunderstanding of the important and critical role of law and order in the United States of America. These radical speakers are conducting protests around the country and promoting a culture of discontent and resentment toward law enforcement. These inflaming comments, although protected by the first amendment, should raise alarm bells to those among us who respect and trust in law and order.

The horrific police shootings in Dallas, San Diego, and New York as well as the mass killings in other cities around America like Orlando and San Bernadino should bring chills to your spine. The multiple attacks on our military service men and women at Fort Hood and in Chattanooga should cause set off alarm bells for everyone.

If we fail to come together as one people, as Americans, and not as hyphenated Americans then the radicals, the racists, and the jihadists will take comfort in our disunity. We must live up to our national motta, "E Pluribus Unum", which clearly states that "out of many, one".

We have much more in common with one another than ever should separate us into clashing groups with limited and special interests. We must hold ourselves and our leaders to a higher level of account and demonstrate moral clarity. The clarity that must be to speak as one America and state unequivocally that we believe in and support law and order and we will not tolerate any violence from the militant radicals leading anti-police protests.

Make your plans now to attend the Unity Walk for Law Enforcement on Saturday, August 27, 2016 beginning at 9:00 AM at the EKU Manchester Campus.

Show your support for those who walk the thin blue line! Support law enforcement and the military personnel who serve and protect our communities!


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