Ron Curry ClayCoNews founder recalls September 11, 2001

By Ron Curry

I delivered a load of bricks to a company in Waterford, Michigan on Sept. 10, 2001---My brother-in-law Ralph met me at the brick yard for a ride to London, KY to visit with his mom, sister & brothers.

I had a load of lumber for Versailles, KY scheduled for pickup in Detroit the next morning, we spent the night at a truck stop there.

On Sept. 11, 2001, we arrived at the lumber yard a few minutes after 9:00 A.M.--First words out of the shipper's mouth were "driver, you been listening to the radio?" I said "no, what's going on?" He said "man a plane has just struck one of the Twin Towers in New York, it's crazy!"

We thought it was an accident but by the time we were finished loading the lumber another plane had struck the other tower, I knew then that things were bad wrong and I said "Ralph we gotta' get the hell out of here if we can before they lock down the city!" He agreed...I had already fueled the truck so we were good to go, - if we could...

To my surprise, when we hit I-75, the southbound traffic was very light but the Canadian Port of Entry had already been closed and the northbound traffic was at standstill nearly all the way to the Ohio state line.

People were talking about other planes on the CB radio with panic in their voices.

I pulled into the Pilot in Finley, OH and found dozens of people standing frozen in front of the TVs and went completely numb myself looking at the horrific scenes flashing across the screen. At that point I had no idea when or even if we would ever make it back to our family in London or if my brother-n-law would ever again see his wife & children back in Michigan.

Please, always remember the 911 victims, their families, friends and our nation in your prayers!


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