Jeff Hoover Rebukes Greg Stumbo, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama for the Decimation Caused by Their War on Kentucky Coal

House Republican Leader Jeff Hoover

The following is a statement from House Republican Leader Jeff Hoover following the recent announcement of the closing of the Alpha Natural Resources mine in Sydney, KY

FRANKFORT, Ky.  – “The job-killing policies implemented by the Obama Administration and supported by Hillary Clinton and Greg Stumbo continue to wreak havoc on hard-working Kentucky families.

The latest result of their anti-Kentucky agenda will result in the loss of 117 jobs in Sparta, KY this November. Kentucky simply can’t sustain any more job losses that cause coal miners and their families to suffer.

Repeatedly, Greg Stumbo has voiced his steadfast support of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. In May, Clinton announced her intention to put ‘a lot of coal mines and miners out of business.’ Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton, and supporters like Greg Stumbo, will now put the last Alpha Natural Resources mine in Kentucky out of business.

These attacks on Kentucky coal have led to the lowest number of coal miners in the last 118 years.  While Greg Stumbo encourages the devastating policies of Clinton and Obama in Kentucky, we must change the direction of the Commonwealth immediately by supporting officials who support Kentucky coal and the jobs it provides.”


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