Op-Ed: Political Promises Made, Promises Kept.....TRUMP

Dr. James M. Davis


Op-Ed by Dr. James M. Davis

IMAGINE......An American economy that posts near record level monthly JOB GROWTH numbers, historically LOW UNEMPLOYMENT for nearly every demographic group, the creation of thousands and thousands of MANUFACTURING JOBS, and the strongest quarterly and annualized GDP (gross domestic product) figures in a decade;

A President that provides for tremendous and much needed investments in NATONAL DEFENSE after years of budget reductions with new military technologies in nuclear and aerospace weapons; a new found RESPECT among allies and adversaries that is based upon STRENGTH with a more robust NATO increasing its financial contributions to build up common defenses in western Europe to counter Russian influence and intimidation of its neighbors; a staunch and unyielding friend and SUPPORTER OF ISRAEL, one that after decades of previous political promises actually moves the US Embassy to Jerusalem; an advocate for peace on the Korean peninsula that convened a HISTORIC SUMMIT to discuss and begin to negotiate the denuclearization of North Korea with the returning of the precious remains of many lost soldiers from the Korean Conflict.

A President that STANDS UP TO CHINA and their corrupt trade practices of stealing intellectual property, manipulating their currency, and denying fair trade with tariffs on American products trying to enter their market; an administration that defends FREE, FAIR, AND RECIPROCAL trade with aggressive policies and is willing to enact tariffs to improve negotiations and solidify a deal on trade; an administration that seeks to protect American workers with a new US, Mexico, Canada (USMCA) trade agreement to replace the debacle called NAFTA that provided for millions of jobs to leave our country and create economic hardships on our middle class and industrial workers; a President that shuttered the Paris Climate Accord and the TPP that would have placed significant burdens on American industry and hold others like China and India nearly unaccountable for pollution standards!

A President that believes in free market principles, CONSUMER CHOICE, and innovation that can provide better access to higher quality healthcare without mandating coverage that isn't wanted or needed by some and eliminates a tax penalty on citizens who don't want to join in a large government program!

A President that believes in and advocates LEGAL IMMIGRATION, but defends the sovereignty of the United States and protects citizens against open borders that allow drug smuggling, human trafficking, as well as gangs, cartel criminals and terrorists who invade and cause harm to our beloved communities!

A President that STANDS FIRM against terrorism and rogue regimes like IRAN, pushes back against their hegemonic intentions, and maintains a firm red line when bad actors like SYRIA use chemical weapons in attacks; one that has no reservations about destroying ISIS.

A President that ended the WAR ON COAL and has ended burdensome regulations to unleash AMERICAN ENERGY such as natural gas, coal, and oil production that has made America a net exporter of energy and energy independent!

A President that believes in, supports, and defends the CONSTITUTION of the United States with action; one that appoints constitutionalist to the federal courts and the SUPREME COURT; one that supports LAW ENFORCEMENT officers, the brave men and women of the armed forces, and totally respects the service and sacrifice of our VETERANS!

A President that puts AMERICA FIRST; one that is unapologetic for American EXCEPTIONALISM; one that stands firm against all others that do not have the best interests of those no longer forgotten American PATRIOTS that proudly salute OLD GLORY and hold their hands over their hearts to pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America!

Who is this remarkable President? It is Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America! Not only is he Making America Great Again, but with a re-election in 2020 he will Keep America Great!


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