Sheriff John Root

Sheriff's Office 2023 Activity Report Announced for Laurel County, Kentucky

LONDON, KY - Laurel Sheriff John Root is reporting that: With a total of 22,416 calls for service, the Laurel County Sheriff's Office, Deputies, Detectives and Staff had a busy and active year in 2023.

LSO logo Blackand Gold 200This total reflects the effectiveness of your deputies on patrol, consistent law enforcement, cooperation between first responder agencies, and citizen support resulting in a safer Laurel County.

Below is a listing of the more significant calls for service:

  • Disturbance complaints- including (prowlers, noise, shooting guns, refusal to leave, disputes, and harassment—5,839
  • Traffic complaints-including (Dui, road rage, reckless driving)—1236
  • School Safety Walk Throughs—261
  • Traffic crashes investigated—913 
  • Death Investigations—27(includes drug overdoses and suicides)
  • Murder—3, and 4 attempted murder
  • Speak to deputy—1647
  • Violent crimes (including Robbery, Rape, Kidnapping)—22
  • Suicidal subjects, mentally ill, out of control—612
  • Domestic violence complaints—(Including assaults)- 650
  • Drug complaints—122
  • Drug arrests—360 on 983  counts
  • Extra patrol requests—788
  • ATL (Attempt to Locate)—809
  • Checking on the well-being of persons –(Welfare check)—871
  • Suspicious persons—366
  • Missing persons including juvenile runaways—143
  • Alarms—1595
  • Escorts (including funeral escorts)—292
  • Burglary and thefts—534
  • Vandalism—43
  • Assisting social services with referrals—204
  • Prisoner transports/mental instability transports—376
  • Serving warrants/summons/civil process—632
  • Motorists Assists—289
  • Safety education programs for the public including churches, and schools—92
  • Dui arrests—88
  • Gunshot victims—16
  • Miscellaneous calls for service—3,582

Total calls for Service for the Laurel County Sheriff’s Office for 2023 —— 22,416

*Sheriff John Root stated that Laurel County citizens can expect the same level of professional and courteous service on a daily basis from the Laurel County Sheriff's Office this upcoming year.

There will be a continued emphasis on the removal of intoxicated drivers from Laurel county roadways, continuing drug investigations and the "War on Drugs" will continue.


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